How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Whether you’ve lived there for one year or 20 years, getting ready to sell your home can be an emotional and stressful process. 

Finding a thoughtful REALTOR® that is experienced, personable, and professional will make the process so much easier.

If you want to prepare your home for sale, here are our top tips for sellers.

Stage, Clean, and Refresh Your Home

It is important to have a clean, well staged home if you want it to sell for top dollar.

When you start to think about selling, start by going through your things and getting rid of excess clutter. Donate things you don’t need, or move excess clutter into a storage space. Think about refreshes you can do to your home like paint touch-ups or fixing any broken items.

The best time to get in touch with a professional REALTOR® is when you’re starting to think of selling. That way, they can let you know which updates are worthwhile. When you’re ready to sell, staging allows buyers to have a clear picture of how they could live in the home, and enhances the high-end finishes in your home.

Compare the Competition

We know you want to get the best possible return on your investment. The market sets home prices, so even if you think your home is worth a certain amount, you could run into issues if you price your home too high (or too low). 

Work with a REALTOR® who has an intimate knowledge of the luxury market and geographic area that you live in to be sure you’re pricing your home correctly.

Consider Your Timeline

It’s crucial to consider your timeline when it comes to selling a property. If you’re looking to get your home sold as quickly as possible, your REALTOR® will have to use a more aggressive strategy than if you are moving at a leisurely pace.

Think about when you’d like to move—would you like to be in your new home by a certain holiday or before a busy season at work?

Be realistic with your ideal timeline, and consider all the possible options—your home could sell in a few days, or it could take a longer period of time. Above all, be sure to communicate your timeline with your REALTOR® so they know your priorities.

Assess Your Sales Goals

Finally, it’s important to know what your goals are in selling your home. You may think this is an unnecessary question—a sale is your goal—but everyone has different dreams and motivations when it comes to selling their home.

Are you hoping to find your dream home or recoup your investment in your home?

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Get in touch to speak with a real estate team that will get to know your sales goal and stay focused on that end result.

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